Welcome to the Genesys Activation File Request Tool

Please use this tool to communicate with the Genesys Licensing Team about licensing-related issues.

Step 1 – Complete Request Details
Enter contact details, account details and choose to submit either a ‘Question’ or an ‘Activation File Request.’

If choosing an Activation File Request, select a ‘Category’:

You can then choose the ‘File Type’ you need (ie. New Deployment, Evaluation, etc.). Based on your selections,
the system will guide you to complete the important details the Licensing Team will need to process your request.

Step 2 – Add Attachments
The system will suggest you include certain attachments based on the Request Details you have entered.

Tip! Enter the Genesys Account Reference Number (GARN) and as much detail as possible in the form to allow for
the quickest turnaround time. Your End User GARN can be found on your Software Fulfillment Notice, on your
Genesys Sales or Maintenance Renewal Quote, or you can contact your Sales or Genesys Care representative.

Note: You will require a corporate email to submit the request.